MLM Training – Why Use a Prospecting Script, Why Not Just “Wing” It?

MLM Training – Why Use a Prospecting Script, Why Not Just “Wing” It?

May 9, 2019 0 By Editor

Have you had a chance during MLM training to listen to some of your leaders as they prospect? If you look at all the heavy hitters, the leaders who make it onto the stage each year in your MLM business you will probably find they use prospecting scripts. They may not admit to it but if you listen to their spiel, you will notice they say much the same thing every time they are prospecting. No, your leaders weren’t born sounding smooth. At one time or another they developed a script and memorized it so that it comes out sounding naturally. At some stage in their MLM training they had to learn how to create a prospecting script that will increase their sales.

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Some people will tell you that you can “wing” it or just say what’s on your mind. This is setting you up for MLM failure. Even if you don’t think you need a prospecting script, 95% or more of people need some sort of script to follow.

The Purpose of a Prospecting Script

When you are prospecting, especially on the telephone, you have perhaps 15 seconds to get your prospect’s attention. And you will rarely get a second chance. “Winging it” is dicey. Therefore, using a prospecting script is paramount. Knowing what you want to say works much better and gives you confidence.

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If you are going to pick up the phone and call prospects, it doesn’t matter whether you are cold calling, responding to someone’s request from your website, or replying to a friend’s enquiry about your MLM business or products, a prospecting script is vital. Having a well constructed prospecting script laid out in front of you when you pick up the phone will guide you to say what you want to say, precisely and in as few words as possible, but it still gives you room to maneuver. This is one of the best skills you can learn during MLM training and it’s one of the keys to getting MLM sales. To make sales you have to be able to communicate with your prospects and a well crafted message can help you focus on delivering that message to your prospect.

The Best Reason for a Prospecting Script

The best reason to have a prospecting script is it helps you to sort, not convince your MLM prospects. If you have a long leads list of names and phone numbers of people that you’ve identified as your target market. You need to be able to sort through them as quickly as possible. A prospecting script will allow you to do that. A script keeps you focused, on track, and keeps you from wasting time.

In your MLM business it is essential to have a clear purpose and reason for calling a prospect. A prospecting script can keep you focused and consistent. By having your script memorized, you can focus on the process and actually listen to your prospect. By listening you will know if you have someone that is actually interested in what you have or if you are trying to convince them. Prospecting is all about sorting not convincing.

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