How To Use Keyword Density?

How To Use Keyword Density?

March 8, 2019 0 By Editor

Keyword density is the term used to indicate how many times a selected keyword appears on a webpage and it is always represented as a percentage of the total word count of the page. Keywords should only be placed in important and relevant places and should definitely not be overused as this is likely to render your site as either an artificial or spam site and it will be rejected by the search engines.

If you have one hundred words on your webpage, not taking into account the HTML code which is used for writing the webpage, and you use a specific keyword five times within this content, the keyword density would be .05. This is worked out by dividing the number of times that the keyword appears, (in this case five) by the total word count (one hundred). You then multiply the result by one hundred to find out the keyword density percentage.

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The normally accepted standard for keyword density is between three and five percent and in order to be picked up by the search engines, this should not be exceeded. Bear in mind that this applies to each and every page of your website and it is not just for one keyword but for sets of keywords which relate to different services or products. Listed below are some simple steps you can take to keep a check on your keyword density.

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Use a word processing software program copy and paste the content from a web page. Click on the edit menu and then on the select all option. Then go to the tools menu and select word count from the drop down box and make a note of the number of words on that page. The next step is to select the find option on the edit menu. With the replace tab open enter the keyword you wish to find, replacing that word with the same word so the text will not be changed.

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Upon completion of using the replace function, the system will show you how many words you have replaced and this lets you know how many times you have used the keyword on that page, you will now be able to calculate the density of the keyword by following the system mentioned earlier. In conclusion, there you have it now; next time you write an article or a post, make sure to check your keyword density in order to achieve the best results.