Why You Need to Monitor Your Teen’s Tech-Use

Why You Need to Monitor Your Teen’s Tech-Use

May 9, 2019 0 By Editor

You look around and see your teen playing on his Blackberry or iPhone. You at times wonder what your teen does on his cell phone all day long. You know that your teen is probably doing his homework or socializing with friends via text or calls but is that all? It can be a bit overpowering when you think of keeping up with new technology as your kids are probably much faster at it but then again you need to know what your teen is doing with this new technology that’s been handed to them. Use the cell phone spy to answer your question of what your teen does on him mobile phone and why this needs to be monitored.

The Necessity of Monitoring

Monitoring Technology

It isn’t all about meddling into your teen’s life. What most parents don’t realize is the vastness of the world that their children are exposed to with gadgets and gizmos that they get their teen. New technology has its advantages as well as its disadvantages. When your teen uses the internet to get help in their homework they might also use it to watch porn or learn about drugs or hacking.

You need to keep a check on what your teen is doing on the internet. Social networking extensively causes addiction and further health and psychological issues. Cell phone spy will give you a detailed log of all the URL’s your teen visits so know what evils you teen has encountered on the internet and then if you see something like “How to grow marijuana at home” then maybe you need to have a talk with your teen.

With technology comes the issue of use and abuse. So your teen text all day non-stop, the probability is that she does this at night too. Her sleeping cycle and human growth is being faulted due to this, her fingers might get fatigued due to constant activity and her brain is not getting the rest she needs. You need to set limitations for your teens use of technology. And to place limits, you need to know what your teen is doing. Use cell phone spy’s text recorder feature to know the details of your teen’s texts. See when they text, what  time and why they keep yawning all day long and have less focus on their daily life activities.

New technology can be badly utilized by your teen, it can affect their health and education and so you need to monitor how it is used. Give Instruction to Teens to watch Motivational Movies on Solar movies Use the cell phone spy to keep your teen out of the mess technology can make.  One thing parents need to understand is that they can’t restrict the impact technology has on their children. What they can do is monitor technology and how their teens are using it. Let’s face it. In all likelihood even if a teen doesn’t find a way to procure a certain gadget he will still be interacting with other teens who will own it and be exposed to it anyway. Parents cannot sit idle and pretend that the problem doesn’t exist, they need to tackle it head on.

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